Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Reading through impending doom

I have started reading a book called The Diamond In Your Pocket by Gangaji.
My mother bought it for me for christmas, at my request.
It's a spiritual book.
I wanted to tell you about the other books I read but I can't for some reason but if you get the chance:
The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver is just superb. Brilliant. Funny though the subject matter isn't!
The Glass Room by Simon Mawler is great too. They're different in style the two of them but they are both historical - the war, communism, persecution of different sorts and so relevant to today in many many ways.

I didn't tell you did I? I bid on two properties last week.
I was 177/482 for the maisonette on a road near here
I was 114/341 for another flat on another road near here
Well I did bid, and I'm not doing it again.
I did it because I saw the maisonette advertised in the local paper and thought that it looked ok.
I'm not going to bid again for a while because I don't like the 'surprises' every week because there aren't any.


We all have bad days don't we?
My friend Hannah who's in the same situation as me with her husband and four kids got their first repossession notice from the housing association last week.
They were told their landlord's been asked to drop the rent and if the landlord doesn't, then Hannah and her family are out on their ear.
It's the first stage of the eviction process, as you know if you know me.
The housing association's not dropping its admin charges is it?
Hannah's rent is £402 a week and the housing allowance cut off for a 3 bed is apparently £400. Evicted for £2? It can't happen.
She asked me if I'd got a repossession notice too.
"When I moved in to my new place," I told her.

I'm going to stop writing and read my book.
The truth is, I really want to cry.

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