Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Pupil premium - the reality

A libdem policy isn't it? The pupil premium? Good in theory, but how in practice?
The newsletter from my son's school I read yesterday was so interesting on the subject I thought I'd share some of it with you!

"Undoubtedly, schools have been apared the worst of the government's cuts but nevertheless this year's exercise of setting the budget was more difficult than usual....
Schools have been given a standstill budget, in other words, the same amount as the last financial year. However, this takes no account of inflation so in effect represents a cut of about 2%. Because of the high numbers of children with special needs (Son's School) has received extra money from the new pupil premium but in the final analysis this gain has been wiped out by the losses explained earlier due to inflation. School with few free school means children will fare much worse."

The newsletter does go on to say what other cuts the school is making, (improvements to the building like upgrading the children's toilets, getting outside staff to help with special needs pupils) and what it has managed to save this year (internal staff and the after school club)

I always wondered how the pupil premium might work.
Devil's always in the detail isn't it?

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