Monday, 21 March 2011

Secure lettings made 2010/11

1,221 lettings for council flats have been made in 2010/11, I was told in a workshop about the council's Allocation Scheme. My son and I weren't one of them.

346 homes were let to people who have lived in the borough for two years or more. My son and I weren't one of these.
768 homes were let to those who lived in Camden for 10 or more. Next year my son and I will qualify for those extra points.
7 households who didn't live in Camden for two or more years were housed. Why did they go before me and my son?

This is how bad things are:
The number on the left is the number of properties let against the number who bid for them - the number on the right.

Studio: 187 let/7620 bidded
1 bed: 487 let/4914
2 bed: 280 let/5242
3 bed: 139/2240
4 bed: 21/1067
5 bed: 1/439
6 bed: 268

In terms of priority, we were told that the points based system awards points for different housing needs. "The more pressing the need," said Allocations. "the more points they'll have."

I wanted to shout: "NOT TRUE"
but it's rude to interrupt
So I waited until the end and said softly
"You know. It's not true"

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