Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Children in Need: The system's not at fault; parent's are...

Who was at the "Child in Need" meeting yesterday to discuss my son's welfare? Two social workers, my housing support worker, the school's deputy head and my son's Art Therapy teacher.

Housing issues took up rather alot of time, which I won't go into here but may reflect back to in other posts.

In the pre chat round up, the social worker said that we'd moved home and were in "secure", accommodation now, well "stable" at least, a two year lease.

Secure? Stable? Er no! My son and I are much happier now, it's fantastic he's got his own room and has friends round to play but

You know what reader, this is just too massive, I'll be here all day.

Basically, the housing support worker said that if we were evicted in two years time, be it on lease ends or back to work arrears or government cuts to benefits "you'll just have to move, that's just the way it is!"

It's not your home, you just have to move, it's not your home, you just have to move - Libdem Lady still haunts my dreams

"I don't accept that!"

They all piled in about how concerned they were that I still worried about housing and the effect that was having on my son.

My defeat at not getting a council flat reared itself up with the housing support worker seemingly impressed that I'd contacted everyone, written to everyone; managers high up, councillors - but now there was "no-where left to go!"

"Yes there is," I said and mentioned a possibility.
They all laughed.
"Them! They're a big, an enormous charity!" What was support worker thinking? I didn't stand a chance? I was joking?
"Not for me," I said. "For everybody" and I waved my fingers in the air as I said "everybody", in the way we sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to toddlers.

There is so much more to say about about housing, and I'm sure I will say it, but the bottom line is this:
You are harming your child.
The housing system is as it is, accept it.
You are harming your child.
Whatever you do
Whatever you say
You are harming your child
It's no-one's fault but yours.

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