Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Today begins the religious festival (festival? We got that right stigs? What's festive about being cast out in the desert denying yourself all the lovely things you like?)

Today begins Lent. Forty days of giving up something you enjoy. Denial of what tempts, "self-sacrifice" I heard some priest say on the telly...

As good excuse as any, says the School of Doris, to change something. A bit like a new year's resolution, but it's only for 40 days, not forever.

Perfect timing for me.

I'm going to give up crisps (esp Mini Cheddars) and biscuits. "Unhealthy snacking".

My son has given up sweets. I have not given up sweets but the dentist yesterday said not to eat anything "hard" because my "tooth might break".

(This is quite scary. When I didn't know I was pregnant my tooth broke on a cracker. This fact may keep me away from sweets, especially toffees...)

I am also comfort eating. Alot. I do not miss cigarettes and my taste for alcohol has kind of vanished aswell. But last night while watching "Neighbourhood Watched" about social housing, I ate half the box of Maltesers I bought for me and my child. On my right side, so as not to break the tooth on the left (which still needs more work oh mamma mia...)

I'm telling myself a Malteser is a biscuit so I don't finish the box right now
Right now
Right this minute
Eat them all up!!
Finish them all off!!

Because I want to
My goodness I so want to.

You see, Lent doesn't have to be about religion but it can be if you want it to be!

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