Monday, 28 March 2011

Support worker does my bidding

I should be grateful. My support worker texted me on Friday to say he'd bid on 3 properties for me.

I remember a Bengali mum in a hostel who helped me with my dissertation; she told me her support worker did the bidding for her family. I figured it was because she couldn't speak English, so couldn't understand the system. She'd been waiting two years and at the time I just couldn't believe she hadn't viewed anything, what with all that support.

Crikey, what does it mean that I need that level of support now? What does it mean that I can no longer do my own bidding? What have I become?

I couldn't tell you this good news on Friday as it would put a downer on my whole weekend, and I didn't want that. I must forget that he's doing this for me otherwise every week I'll be wondering if I'm moving again and.. fuck it's so hard to feel settled when you're in temporary accommodation...

This is our text conversation, I'm sure he won't mind, hope he won't mind, am I beyond caring today such is my head mind?...

SW: I bid for 3 flats (support worker)

Me: Where? I should say
thanks so er, yes,
thanks. I hope what
i'm offered some day
is near here & (my son's)
education. You know,
i hate to turn things
down (sad face emicon) cheers

SW:I just bid for
everything.It doesn't
matter. You can turn
down as many as you

Me: Last time i turned
one down i slipped
way down the list,
hence losing that last
eviction. I want to
believe you but can't.
Not your fault.

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