Monday, 7 March 2011

I might do the sponsored Sleep Out

On Friday night I saw again one of the Wondergirls, the troupe I finished the sponsored walk with a couple of years ago.

"Sue!" She came up to me as I was standing with my son and others.
"How are you?!"
"How are you?!" You know how it is...!

"Who is she mamma?" asked my son.
"The girl I told you we might bump into, who I met on my Big Issue walk.!"
"Are you going to do the Sleep Out?" she asked me.
"I thought about it but I have my son on the night it's on."
"No it's changed! It's in May now! Do it with us, do it with us, I'm getting the troops together!"

You know what reader, I just might!


Anonymous said...

Go for it!!

Stigmum said...

Definitely if my son's with his dad and it's meant to be! £400 sponsorship to raise.. Eek!!