Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Advice from horoscopes

Fear and paranoia is really unpleasant and this morning felt I had no recourse but to read my horoscopes to try and instil some positive thinking in me.

Feel free to be quick to point out when an injustice has been made, sue. If someone says something that is offensive or untrue, do not sit back and let it slide. By doing so, you are just as much at fault as the person who offended in the first place. When you know you are right, say so. It is important that others listen to and respect you. Your honest nature and good sense of morals are extremely important qualities, and should be recognized accordingly. (Keen Starscope. This one very good as I was thinking I'm the type of person who does let it slide and this has got to change or my life never will)

If nothing ever falls apart, you can never experience the joy of putting it all back together successfully. Why do you now face a particular problem? That's the wrong question to ask! We should ask, instead, why you need to be worried about this issue? Later, you can sit down and learn your lesson from the past. What mistakes (if any) did you make? Could they have been avoided? Right now, you have an opportunity to move on. You can fix whatever's broken and compensate for whatever is less than satisfactory. Let bygones be bygones. 2010 is here. (Cainer)

The paper is out on Thursday. I do not know yet the backlash. I do not know yet what will be asked of me or how to deal with it. But good questions to chew on while I hope he's right and the opportunity has arisen to move on.

I'm wired beyond belief stiggers, can I go to bed now?

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