Tuesday, 9 February 2010

"I'm so glad you love us both the same"

"I hope it snows again today mummy," said my son on the way to school. "Then we can have wet play."

"Wet play? What's that?"

"Yesterday when it snowed we stayed indoors at playtime."

"Oh right, OK, cool. What did you play?"

"I made a picture out of stick men for my daddy."

"That's nice."

"If it snows today I'll make one for you."

"Awwww!" and I ruffled his hair.

"Why did you do that?"

"Do what?"

"That on my head. Was it because I said I'd do one for you?"

"Well, yes, that you'd do one for me, but also that you're happy just doing things."


"You know, it's really great that you love me and your dad."

"Great that I love you the same?"


"You don't mind that I love you the same?"

I laughed. "Of course not, that's how it should be!"

We crossed the road.

Ah my son my sun, I used to love it when you said you loved me more. I also knew you could change your mind at any minute. I love it that you love us both the same.

I'm sorry me and your dad carry on as we do.

"Do you think it's good I finished my book?"

"Yeah! Oh crikey the bell's gone! Give me a kiss, give me a kiss! OK don't! Have a great day and I'll see you later!"


slummysinglemummy said...

Children can be surprisingly diplomatic sometimes can't they?

I have two and they are always trying to get me to pick which of them is my favourite. Sometimes I pick one. That shuts them up...

Stigmum said...

You are absolutely right on diplomacy! More than one though hard for you as I remember asking my mum and dad who was their favourite. Mum said she didn't have any, dad picked a boy and when I said 'me or sis?' he was about to answer when the phone rang! I never did find out but then was quite afraid of asking again so you're right again, it does shut them up...well it did me!