Monday, 15 February 2010

It would be nice if magic happens....

I'm not at all sure what happened this weekend but it must have been some crazy tossy turny dream because I've broken the curtain rail by my bed.

Three nails of that cheap plastic have been wrenched from the wall.

Last year property owner said the curtains and curtain rails were awful and really need replacing. That time my son had leaned on the curtain and the whole lot had come down.

On that same visit the property owner was shocked by my mattress and asked me if I wanted it replaced.

"It's alright, I'll be moving soon," said I ever hopefully. I really regret not taking her up on the offer.

You can feel the springs through the thin mattress fabric. They all jut through. I feel all the pokes and prods when I can't sleep.

My son insists on sleeping with me on those wiry springs. Tonight I tried to urge him to sleep in his [cot] bed, the mattress is firmer.

He won't do it. "I love you mummy."

When we move baby, you will have your own room.

"Oh, I want to sleep with you."

"It'll be great, you'll see."

When he was a baby he had his own room. Then when he was one, he started sharing with me.

How hard will it be for him when the magic happens and we move to our secure flat?

We'll both need new beds.

Am I rambling reader?

I'm knackered.


Pippa said...

I just want to hug you both. Please know that I am thinking of you and wishing that the idiots around you will sort you out soon.

Stigmum said...

Thanks a billion pippa! Tonight I'm going to post when my son's in bed. Feeling scared at the moment so trying to write my way out of it while my son plays! Aaaargh, it's all so new and mental!! A big thank you hug to you too!