Tuesday, 2 February 2010

My comment to Modern Mother

Modern Mother has written an interesting post - is being a good writer enough?
Given my day, I told her I would copy my comment to her here. It's lazy I know, but scroll down the blog label, and there are posts quite pertinent to it.

I agree with much of what you're saying. Being a good writer, I think, is enough but as you say, it all depends on your baseline.
The more boring your baseline (and I think of my blog here), the better your writing has to be to even so much as hope to have people following you.
I lost a follower today. She never commented so you know, I can't be too upset. This morning though, a mum, a follower, has commented and that was really nice!
I mean crikey, I was terrified of anyone reading me and your British Mummy Bloggers creation, has, well, helped me a great deal. More maybe that you can imagine. Slowly, slowly I navigate these waters. I don't know if my writing is good or even good enough, but I do know I'd like to improve it and blogland is the best platform for that!
So, from my unique position of not many followers and not many commenters I would say, that yes, one should market their blog, adding pictures is good! A light background helps! And well, I actually don't know really but do link me the cybermummy2010!
(if you don't mind, I'll copy this comment of mine onto my own blog. It fits in with what I've been writing this morning! It's also quicker than thinking up something fresh and original!)

On Velveteenmind's blog, where Modern Mother had posted a link I wrote:
"What I write about depresses me to the core. If it depresses me who can I hope to seduce?"

This sums us up really doesn't it stiggers?

Que sera sera!


notSupermum said...

Well said. I read other people's blogs and really admire how they write, but I find writing quite hard. I really admire your ability to write everyday with such gusto. I read your blog most days, don't always comment I'm afraid but I'm always around!

Stigmum said...

Big cyber hug to you mamma! I personally think you are a good writer but maybe you are like me and the more you think about what you want to say (esp reviews in my case!) the harder it is. The trick is to not think and crucially, to not care what other people think. This is very, very hard! On here I write for myself so I care less. I never used to get comments though, which reinforced that without an audience, it didn't matter what I wrote!
You may not comment alot, it's hard on here anyway, I write so much and much doesn't relate to your life, but when you do, and the few others who do to, it means so much.
Like I say, I like what you've written, I don't always comment on your blog either but I read you, so let go of the fear! Some posts might be 'good', some 'not so good' (we are our worst critics), but this blogland, a great platform to not only learn, but to post over posts and post over posts and keep on going! xxx

notSupermum said...

Awww, thanks x

Stigmum said...

You are very welcome! x

The Dotterel said...

It's a tricky one. It I re-read my early posts I was a very different blogger than (sans audience) to now, and in some ways I feel I might have lost something. Maybe I'll start an anonymous blog for all the things I feel I now can't say on 'Charlie'. But then, it was only really intended to me a record of my year (or two) as a stay-at-home dad, so perhaps it's merely found its level. Fascinating question, though.

And keep writing!

Stigmum said...

I will, and in a minute about writing would you believe?!!
There's something very special about writing anonymously. For me personally, I can be more emotionally honest. Maybe what helps me do this is the fact I met many people in my situation. They are not my readers though, but who knows, people might get something from what I write. I also spent years boring my friends rigid about housing and how it made me feel. I risked losing them so I starting blogging! Stigmum could be anybody and that's why I love her!