Thursday, 4 February 2010

Mummy, Thursday is my best day!!"

Eating a late dinner last night because my son had beavers. I ask him about it and also his day at school.

"It's Thursday tomorrow isn't it mummy? Thursday is my best day!"

"Why's that baby?" I say, thinking he has music and PE.

"Because there's no beavers, no after school club, no things to do. I just come home and play with you! It's my favourite day!"

"I love it too," I say, grateful that I don't yet 'work'.

I also think that Thursday is my 'B' day; Bidding and Boot Camp.

The bad and the brilliant, the loathe it and love it, the shit and the strengthening.

I don't tell him that though. Nor will I tell him there was nothing to bid on today, the three (three..what chance has anyone got?) choices being too far from his school.

I have my son all this weekend. Oh happy thought!

Now, I have work to do and only an hour to do it in before my baby comes back!

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