Sunday, 21 February 2010

Having the space to think

I am safe here
My son is safe here
being ignored by me

I hear his chatter
his laugh
rings the air
while I lie on a bed
of no poking springs
and listen to the story of my life
byte upon byte upon byte

I might have had a breakdown
but now I'm withdrawing
I might as well face it
I'm addicted to bloggin' (Robert Palmer feat stigs)

I miss you Blogspot!

I wrote this yesterday at my parents place, after I had tried to post "All That Stress for Nothing" and lost the lot and bought their internet connection crashing. Thank goodness I had a pen and paper! I'm back home in London now and getting myself 'up to speed' on here will take me ages, so I'll just go with the flow but introduce a new label!

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