Wednesday, 17 February 2010

I am not fleeing this time

Tomorrow, I'm going buy, yes buy, the paper I'm featured in (I thought if ever my story was told by someone else it would be the journalist who knows me a little bit over at the free competitor).

After that I'm leaving. I'm proud of myself, if one can be proud of themselves, that I'm not fleeing. I promised my son I would take him to see his cousins. It will be good to see my mum and dad, I've not seen them for ages.

I will come back and face the music.

Right now I don't know what that music will be but I'm so fecking tired I don't care.

I've had to confront my one of my greatest fears and I've done it.

I've done it.

I was going to take my son away earlier, but I wanted to feel the copy in my hand, not read it online.

For me, this is akin to walking into China as opposed to taking a train.

Let's hope, once again, it's all worth it.

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