Sunday, 14 February 2010


Do I send the editor of the rag who got the story of me and Clegg the email I sent to the Libdem Leader in January?

Attached to this email is the original email to all three leaders asking for sponsorship for the Big Issue walk.

Within that the sorry tale of Foca and Church and now State.

I didn't tell the journalist about the Foca and the Church.

It's a dilemma because it would give the newspaper a better story. It would give the story 'legs'.

I can't help thinking the Daily Mail would love it.

My son has a member of his family who works for the Mail.

I tell you, sometimes my world feels like a teeny weeny one.

Why this sudden fear?

Well, one of Clegg's men has just emailed me asking for a bit more information. He's cc'd the editor. I've replied a long me and my son answer to both men.

I've sent Clegg's man the original letter I sent in January.

I have not cc'd the editor with this even though that email puts me in a better light because it's not just about me and my son, it's also about everyone else in the borough.

The Foca and the Church is what gives the piece a human angle. What gives the piece 'legs'.

I don't have to protect the Foca. I do have to protect my son. I have to try and protect myself.

Maybe I should sleep on it.

Maybe tomorrow morning when my son comes home, I should ask the Foca what he thinks.

Yes, I'll do that. I will sleep on it and talk to the Foca in the morning.


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