Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Kickstarting the writing process

That Friday night, my parents said I could smoke in the house.

"No," I said. "It's not fair on you."

They insisted though, and I was really grateful.

With Nicoteen and a glass of wine, I started the writing process at the beginning; buying the paper.

The next day, with too many people accessing the wireless connection, my mum's internet went down, with me mid post.

Needing to write though, needing to empty these thoughts, I set about with traditional tools. Oh it was nice! MakeHay had been right though; I'd told him I blogged but didn't tell him, nor did he ask for, the link. He asked if I was addicted to it, if I'd manage without it at my parents. "Oh sure I will!" I'd said. That's what inspired the poem, I don't know how many posts away now!

Right, I'm going to take a break; eat something, listen to Capital Gold as I rest on the sofa. A girl can write too much! Especially about her bleedin' self. There's so much flipping more aswell from where all this has come from....

Self protection though innit? Hardly anyone will read these posts.

I'm rebooting the system. The system needs rebooting!

If you find anything in amongst it all though, cool!

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