Wednesday, 10 February 2010

There's no safety net naive mamma

I thought I'd do the decent thing and ring the Property Owner to tell her that I'd told the councillor and two council men that if I could, I'd stay here so she should expect a call.

She knows how desperate I am for a secure, affordable tenancy and bedroom for my son.

She has plans to upgrade the place. This was her plan when she bought it and saw that the existing lease with Pathmeads would be ending this August.

If my son and I become tenants under her the council "will be relieved and won't do anything" to help us. "By taking the problem off them you cease to be their problem."

"It might work in your favour if we say we won't take you."

"It won't," I tell her.

She's worried she won't get the housing benefit and will end up in court in some 'long drawn out' case because she needs the rent on this place.
Many many landlords feel like her. How do I know? Well I've been here before haven't I...

It's suited to a working professional couple. I agree with her, it is.

Although the housing association say they don't charge a service charge, they do, they take 20% of the rent.
This is true. I told her how much rent the housing association gets and asked her how much she does. We were both quite surprised. When she queried this with the housing association they apparently said "most of our tenants don't tell," then ran off their admin costs etc.

She's worried about us. We should really go public with what's happening, it's outrageous. She says she might phone the Tory. We got on the landlady and I. We get on should I say. I can't even hope that she puts in a good word. MPs, councillors, doctors, schools, shrinks.. what will her word matter? Worth a try though, it's all worth a try.

She asks if she should call the housing association because I've told her someone is going to and she's worried because she doesn't know when that will be.

"Don't worry!" I say to her.

What is it about me?

To my support worker, to the property owner I say "Don't worry!"
Don't worry!! Oh don't you worry! You'll be alright don't worry!! Don't worry! Do not worry! Don't worry, don't worry!!

To my son I don't say, I shout, then I go mute.
Mother on automatic pilot mute
He's in bed now.
I'm so relieved I could cry.
I haven't cried for ages.
Bugger, writing that has just stopped the flow.

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