Saturday, 13 February 2010

Groping in the darkness

Did the Libdem Leader put in a call to the council yesterday? Is that why I've received an email so quickly?

The Leader asked for my email, will he reply to me personally?

If the council managers read an article in the papers that the Libdem Leader was put on the spot by a stigmum, will they privately laugh but publicly say they are following directives if challenged?

Will I ever see an end to this Never Ending Story?

What will my son, my sun, make of all this as he grows older?

My son my sun my son my sun

I was meant to go to a parent council meeting on mental health issues today
Right up my street
Why didn't I go?

At midnight last night I jumped on a bus
and found a friend
and shot tequilas
Bang, bang you're dead
I don't feel too clever as a result
but I'm not clever
or am I?
My son my sun my son
I want to take you

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