Wednesday, 24 February 2010

On being interviewed

I told you the other day the part of the council I volunteer for asked if one of the parents would agree to be interviewed on the PA work we did.

The manager in charge got back to me yesterday saying a parent had stepped up, but she'd send my details to the interviewee just in case.

I know the parent who stepped up. We presented to the board together. We've got a kind of unspoken agreement to work on this stuff together.

I replied to the manager saying the parent who had stepped up was much better at articulating the work we did than I was, but I would be happy to accompany her and not be interviewed myself.

I wrote the parents perspective. You'd think wouldn't you, that I'd be quite capable of verbally articulating it.

No! This other parent is much, much better than me, even with her thick Portuguese accent. I've seen her in action, believe me!

"We worked as a team," I said to the manager (who very kindly hoped all was well in my life as she signed off and I said I hoped me and my son would get housed soon)

That's me really.
Writing has always been a kind of therapy for me. It's also a hobby and a companion, especially when I was travelling. Something I did, something I do for myself.
When writing was a job I was paid to do, there were always subs around to clean it up a bit.
I'm really glad my Portuguese friend has agreed to be interviewed; this PA stuff is really important.
In short I am someone who can work on her own but works better as part of a team.

There, you really wanted to know that didn't you?!

(I should actually have placed this post nearer where I posted the 'voice of the people' thing. Oh well! Fragmented motherboard, fragmented blogspot, art mirrors life once again!)

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