Monday, 15 February 2010

Early morning emails

My son's going to be home soon! After wretched tossy turny night, stiggers has hauled me out of bed and told me to respond to the council's email and yes, post it on here before my boy returns.

There's nothing more I can do now apart from bid on Thursday. I think that's the day the rag comes out. I'm not sure my son and I will be around, what with it being Half Term. I'm feeling quite relieved about that right now.

Anyway, will this be the email to finally change everything?????

One lives in hope....

Dear [Allocations]

Thank you very much for your email. I am sad to read that amongst the options available to me, a secure tenancy isn't one of them. (shit, didn't say why not?)

You say that not all applicants who registered in 2009 will be in a successful position to obtain a home. "However, there will be a few that because of their circumstances will be in a position to secure a home."

Why can't my son and I be one of those "few"? We have been waiting since 2005. We have already been waiting many years.

This next move is our fourth move. I approached the council in 2003. I have a record of this so the council must do too. Back then I did what the council suggested and moved into the private sector. My son and I were back again within a year. We're back again now. How many times must we keep on coming back?

Thanks for explaining why children under 5 are prioritised. You don't mention however, why my son who is over 5, is not prioritised. I need to understand this.

I have not received a letter from the Medical Assessment Officer. If like you say, the officer hasn't changed our recommendation then it is further evidence that my medical professionals are ignored by the council. To suggest we move out of the borough is ignoring my son's school.

You don't ignore me [Allocations], you always reply to me and I thank you for that. The council though, whoever the council might be, does ignore all those who have my son's best interests at heart. Why?

[Lease End] did laugh when he said not to bother looking at bids. I understand though, why he would deny it. No-one in that meeting told me to bid. It's probably the first time in six years when I wasn't told to "keep bidding."

No, I was urged to take a flat in the private sector. When they left, I said to [Support Worker]: "You can tick your box now." I was very upset. The private sector is a good option for many people, but in mine and my son's case, it's not. Not after all this time and all these upheavals.

I hope the council will take this email into consideration and place us in a higher banding while we go through this terrifying eviction process.

In the meantime I will "keep on bidding." Like I said to you, it's what I've been programmed to do.

Thanks again for replying to me so quickly.

Kind regards

Sue de Nim

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