Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Tower Block of Commons

Did you watch it? This little peek a boo into our lives, we the Tower dwellers?

It's a joke really; the Libdem not coping, the Labourite incapable of doing the week on his own and not only insisting that his wife come along, but they be given their own flat to stay in. Whaddya know, there's one available for him. The Tory, well he's taking it all in his stride, having a bit of laugh.

The people, well they're just people aren't they? I identified with them but then I would wouldn't I?

I wondered what the point of the programme was. Will these MP's take their experience, go back to Westminster and make real changes to the policies which currently exacerbate our societal problems? Or will they take their experience, go back to Westminster, spin it out pre-election then brush it under their desks to be disposed of by the poorly paid cleaner?

Ironically, this morning, I notice I have lost a follower! 11 has become 10. I don't mind, I wouldn't follow me! Well.. I find myself depressing as I relentlessly bang on about housing.

I'll watch Tower Block of Commons again next week, and the week after, and the week after.
I find it interesting and vaguely funny.... Watching these minor celebrities navigate through lives they really ought to know about.
Would the programme be as popular without them?
You tell me, I'm too close to it all....

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