Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Spelling tests

"What's that?" says my son, pointing to a picture he's drawn in my notebook.

I hazard a guess: "A tree? A lollipop?"

"You sing from it."

"A microphone! Can you spell that?"

He starts to write. "Do you need any help?"

"No mummy."

I expect him to write it phonetically.


"Oh well done! I didn't think you could do that! High five!"

"Pirate ninja!" says my nephew.

"I can spell that!" says my son. And he does.

"Spell journey," says my nephew.


"You spell it like this," I say and I spell it out.

"What did mummy used to be?"


"You know what mummy is now?"

I spell out journylist.

"Ha ha you're funny," says my nephew.

I laugh too then so as not to confuse my son, I scribble 'journalist'

"Na. Na na na na na nalist!"

One of my son's favourite songs pops into my head: Kids by MGMT

"Don't kill yourself, take only what you need," says Stiggers in tweak mode, to those who might want to.

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