Friday, 5 February 2010

"Don't tell her," says my son

I am in my bath this morning and my son comes in to clean his teeth and chat to me.

"Mummy's a bit nervous," I tell him. "Because I'm going to my journalism course today."

"Why are you nervous mummy?"

"Because it's a beginners course."


"I used to be a journalist and because I used to be a journalist I shouldn't need to do a beginners course. Because it's a beginners course, the teacher might think that I should be better at it than I am."

"So don't tell her then! D.O.N.T. tell her! Don't tell her!" and with that he pours a bucket of water over my head and giggles that amazing laugh of his I love so much.

It's good advice. It's great advice. It would be fantastic advice if I was going for a paid job.

But holy comoly, even if I didn't blog, these housing events would be really distracting me.

Maybe it would be ok to tell her. I'm doing the course because it's funded by the council's Parent Council.

I think there are plans to start a website and given my work with the safeguarding board, I want to be part of that.

My support worker knows I am doing this course.

Why oh why am I feeling so overwhelmed by my own life, I can barely breath?

Anyway, I'm bloody late for this thing. Can I cycle to Holborn in 15 minutes? I don't think so...

Fuck fuck fuck stigmum, we could've waited to post all this stuff've made me late late late.....

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