Tuesday, 16 February 2010

"Why do we deserve this mummy?"

"Oh [son], what you said down the phone... why do we deserve this..."

"Why do the council think we are deserving this?" he says again. "Because they are ningcompoops or worse?"

I laugh.

"I told the woman on the phone "does every child matter? Only theirs..?"

"Why did you say that mummy? Why do you do that if you want them to help you? Because if you do that you're going to ruin my life aren't you?

I'm quite speechless.

"Nick Clegg said he'd help you. If you want them to help you, you've got to be nice to them don't you?"

"You're right yes, but there's a song about nice guys. The one we were listening to this morning."

I think about Mr Clegg and think shit, I'm going to be so unpopular with all of them.

Seven years old.

My son my sun, what is your mother doing?

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