Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Why so many stigmums live in towers

Sorry, just hot on the heels posting about Tower Block of Commons last night, I realised I hadn't told you what I bid on last week!

A flat in a tower!!

Under the Choice Based Letting Scheme, flats in towers are really the only choice we have.

I was placed here though. Under the old system, many stigmums were placed in towers. A few were placed in maisonettes or conversions in streets.

It's harder to stereotype the kind of people who live in streets. Daniel Miller's The Comfort of Things is testament to that as he interviews thirty household residents in an 'ordinary street'.

I often read in newspapers that those who live in council flats are alcoholics, drug addicts and... single mothers!

I don't know, just a thought, just a thought this morning. I don't know where I'm going with it.

Oh that's right, we're often highlighted as key players of "Broken Britain" as our "feral" children run amok..

Location, Location, Location.....Now there's a popular television programme that has no relation to my life despite 'location' being what my life is all about...

Now that's what I find depressing, so I never watch it.

In blogland the 'labels' are the different channels.


I'll switch over soon.

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