Monday, 8 February 2010

The final countdown...!

Oh me goodness!! Email from the dating site saying it's amended my profile, saying I'd broken the rules!!

Friday night, bored, I'd gone in to change my profile. Having no luck you see, none! You know me and my songs, I wrote it was 'the final countdown', I only had a week left.

Earlier, as a break from tidying up, I went in, saw that out of 44 men viewing only 2 got in touch, so changed it again saying I only had 4 or 5 days left, "can't even keep count when I'm counting!", leaving of course "the final countdown" reference.

That is what's been edited out!! Ah ha ha ha!

So I've gone in and made a proper sentence out of the following paragraph so it now reads like this:

May have to change the whole 'ideal' (*because time's running out for me on here and my Knight hasn't yet shown up (oh you make me laugh you viewers... what puts you off? The sprog?!)) but like the one I've written

* is the new insertion

Can't say my lack of luck has depressed me. I don't have time for it! Not to seek nor to be found.

I'm in midst of housing battle!
I still haven't sufficiently tidied up for my three possibly four male visitors tomorrow!
No date for Valentine's?
Who cares?! I never do! And besides, I'd want to be going out with someone for at least a few months before valentines day/night. I mean, you can't have a blind date of utter disappointment on a day like that now can you?

Right, back to the whole tidying impossibility. Was very glad to read Rosie's blog earlier. I'm not the only mother drowning in kids stuff. I don't know yet though if I'm the only mother who can't bear to chuck any of it away.

Oh to have a big house.....

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