Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Housing officer drops by....

Yep, so it's not 'four men and a laydee' this afternoon.

He got here as I was reading stiggers so quickly closed the tab.

I told him about the visit this afternoon and said: "Do you think the flat's tidy?!"

"I've been here before and I think it's much better," he said. "But they haven't been here and might think it's a bomb site. Tell them Tommy thinks it's an improvement."

Oh well, at this stage I have little choice....

He told me I was in rent arrears here. I reminded him that when I was evicted from the church property, I was told to move on a monday. Because I'm alone and couldn't do this until the weekend, I was technically living in two flats at the same time. "It's not my fault. Housing benefits were paying my rent."

I like Tommy, I do. He understands how difficult is it down here. He understands that I'm trying to make something of my life while fighting for a secure home for my son.

"We have to weave our way through the politics, the opportunities and threats. In spite of everything, you look really well."

"Tsk. I always do," I moaned for looking well is hardly going to help me this afternoon.

Tommy has given me his mobile number if ever I feel the need to call him. That is good.

However, I've just gone off and depressed myself by reading my horoscopes:

No amount of tough-talk (or aggressive action) is going to help you get anywhere today. If, though, you turn on the charm and do your best to show sympathy, support and understanding, you may yet see a solution, hidden in the depths of a problem...

I kept calm with Tommy. I must, I must, I must keep calm with the three men coming this afternoon who all have their own agendas, and giving me and my son a council flat isn't one of them.... except perhaps the Tory.... who knows...one lives in hope.

Fingers crossed.

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