Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Three men and a laydee

They are descending on Papier Mache Towers next Tuesday.

My mistake yesterday: It's not the Tory, the support worker and the support worker's manager.

It's the Tory, the manager responsible for the Pathmead lease end families (of which there are 30 of us) and yes, my support worker.

Why is my support worker coming?

To be the eyes and ears of all his managers that I wrote to, who themselves tell him what to tell me - "we're not budging on her" ?

Once upon a time I worked for a company. It was big enough that it had a Human Resources department. For years I believed these people were on my side.

Then the redundancies happened. Two of them, within this same organisation.

The lessons you learn in life, can leave you incapable of trusting the motives of others, however nice these 'others' are.

No-one will be on my side next Tuesday.

I will not lie; I am shitting myself already.

Be strong laydee, be strong mamma, you have a little boy.

Breath that love into your very soul.


Pippa said...

Shall be thinking of you and sending you all the good and wonderful energy I can muster!

Stigmum said...

Wow, thanks mamma! I will read your comment again on the day!