Thursday, 11 February 2010

Email etiquette

Dear [Allocations], [Tory] (forgot to add support worker and lease end but they got it too)

At the meeting on Tuesday, [Lease End Manager] asked me why I was bidding. With my low points it wouldn't be noticed. He told me "not to bother."

For the past six years, I have been told to bid. Everybody has told me to bid, to "keep bidding", as you know. I'm told it will help my chances.

When [Lease End Manager] said I shouldn't bother, he laughed. A nervous laugh perhaps, but a laugh nonetheless.

Is everybody laughing?

My son and I are being EVICTED. Because we are homeless already, rather than being given extra points for this, the council wants to further disrupt my son's life by forcing us into the private sector or into a wholly inappropriate hostel room.

I did go to bid this morning, it is what I am programmed to do. There was nothing near my son's school so unfortunately, this week, I cannot hope to get us out of this situation.

I did write to you yesterday Allocations, but to keep all the questions on the same page, I still wish to know why have applicants waiting since 2009 successfully acquired a flat with upwards of 500 points while we have been waiting since 2005 and have only 351?

Why also is priority given to children under 5 who live above the second floor? My son is over 5, lives on the sixth floor and has been entitled to his own room for some time.

Why haven't my medical points been reviewed?

Why is the council ignoring everybody who is trying to help and safeguard my child?

It may seem like there is plenty of time before the bailiffs come but I have been through this before with my child and that is why I am so upset.

Kind regards


Hopefully, I will get a response to all these questions...

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