Friday, 5 February 2010

Will it be four men and a laydee??!

My housing officer, you know, the Pathmead's one I'm not allowed to talk to directly, has sent me a letter saying he's coming to do the property visit on.......


"I would like to carry out my regular property visit on Tuesday 9th February 2010 between 11:00 am and 3:30pm"

I am not going to call and leave a message for him that The Tory, the council guy put in charge of managing the Pathmead's lease ends, and my support worker will be here from 2pm. If I was allowed to talk to him directly I might.

Instead I'm going to see if he turns up!

How fecking funny if he does! Not because I'll have four impotent men in the room (well, who knows actually, the Tory might be able to help). Funny because where the hell am I going to put them all????

I was saying this to support worker just this morning. "Where am I going to put you all? When you come, there's only space for you. You know that. Three of you?"

"I can come and help you tidy up," he'd said.

"That's kind, but you can't. There's nowhere to put anything. I'll try and sort it out or maybe no, maybe I should leave it as it is so they can see we need to move...."

So yes, I'm not going to call the Pathmeads housing officer because there's no space for him.

If he does come, you'll be the first to know!

Aren't you just so excited...

(By the way, I didn't need to tell trainer I'd been a journalist before. There was the website publisher there and from what trainer was saying, other ex journalists. We did film reviews (!) and she said: "Some of you have done this before, some of you haven't so I'll pitch it in the middle") As a boon though, I was the only one who did the homework. I'm there to learn and learn I will!)

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