Friday, 5 February 2010

The plot unravels somewhat

Support worker has just called. He's right: "We're going round in circles here."

In a nutshell, for I'm going to be late to my journalism course, there is a very great danger that next Tuesday's meeting is going to be an utter waste of time.

The Tory is coming to look at the services the council is providing me. The Tory is not coming to ascertain why I have not been housed (according to support worker)

I tell support worker, that I did not call the meeting. I'd told the Tory that the support services had been unable to help me get housed. I do not know why the council have got in a manager aligned to Pathmeads. That I do not know.

"Somebody decided who should be in this meeting with us. The Tory rang and we've got you. Who decided that the pathmeads guy should be the one to come?"

"His manager."

"Who's his manager?"

"The head of support services. The Tory wants to see a support session, well that's what [the pathmead's manager] told me. The [pathmead's manager] is going to offer you a direct let to the property you're in now."

"For fuck's sake, I don't want PRS. The council knows that. Not PRS, not hostel. The support services are leading me and the Tory a merry little dance."

"You've been waiting for six years, you know all they're gonna say. You did a dissertation on it. I'm gonna speak to somebody. They need to get the wider picture."

"Yes they do. Nobody seems to know what's going on. The left arm doesn't know what the right arm's doing and both arms meanwhile are strangling me and MY SON."

So yes reader, I'm a bit pissed off. When the Tory rang the council, they could have directed him to a manager in charge of housing, not a manager in charge of support services. Why didn't they?

Tory will be in my flat next week listening to a guy telling me to go into private rental. Listening to a guy doing his job.

RRRRRRAAAGH. Though I'm grateful my support worker cleared it all up for me.

I told support worker to let the pathmeads manager come and say what he says and I'll just repeat for the millionth time, why these alternatives are not good for my child.

It's going round in fucking circles, just like my support worker said.

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