Wednesday, 24 February 2010

When you lie and do wrong

I know that I have it within my power to delete everything I've posted which I didn't ask permission to post. Do it quickly, before the story breaks.

I have broken a fundamental code of conduct within journalism. I know I'm not a journalist but I do think it's this background that's given me a sense of duty to agree to be interviewed for the rag's story. That, and of course, the desperate desire to finally take my son Home.

I might have gotten myself into "a whole heap of trouble". You know, I've been boring you for months with my paranoia.

One of my 'punishments' (Christ, I hope there are not too many) is that the State will refuse to house me.

If I am to continue bouncing my son around through no real choice of my own, I have to feel I have done something wrong.

I have to feel it so that when my son asks again: "Mummy, why do we deserve this?" I can tell him: "My child, I wrote a blog. I didn't ask permission to write the truth."

Such is the risk I am once again taking, with my son in my arms.

"The greatest risk in life is to risk nothing" (a poem Jules gave me when we worked on the boats together. At some point I'll source who wrote it. For a long time I thought it was her!)

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