Friday, 28 January 2011

Chain smoking

To: Head, Ugly, Foca

Dear (Head),

I'm sorry to email you but I do not know where to turn and I do not know what to do other than letting you know of a situation hugely detrimental to my son.

(My son) was in tears after school yesterday telling me that (his friend's) mother, (Ugly) had used her parents evening with (Teacher) to say (My son) had tipped a chair away from his friend.
"It was weeks ago mummy, it was a joke," he told me.
(Ugly) also took the opportunity of saying (my son) annoyed (his friend) and disturbed him from his work.
I took also took a story to (Teacher) but the difference between this mother and myself is that I mentioned no names, I singled out no child, fully aware that children can be children sometimes and play get out of hand.
(My son) was so upset about the detention he received that I immediately went to speak to (Teacher) who clarified the situation for me. However I am still angry.
(My son) was still hurt this morning, afraid of coming to school. "I don't know what else (Ugly's) done," he said. "She said more things, (Teacher) said they were going to keep an eye on me at breaktimes."
The day before yesterday (my son) was reprimanded for breaking up a fight between one of his friends and another boy. I was surprised when he told me but this morning everything is becoming crystal clear.
(Ugly) has a vendetta against my son. I cannot ask her why she did what she did because when I've tried to speak to her in the past she has either screamed at me, or owing to her height over me, looked left and right pretending she can't hear me.
She either wants to make sure (my son) has a miserable time at school or, more sinister, she wants to try and break up his friendships as she tried to do in Reception. It is testament to the children and the staff that she failed to do this.
(My son's) punishment was severe given it was meted out on another parent's hearsay. No staff witnessed (my son) pull the chair from his friend just as no staff witnessed (my son) being kicked in the penis in the playground last week. Two year six's saw the incident and dealt with it. For (my son) the incident is over and forgotten.
(His friend) doesn't tell tales on (my son) to (Teacher), nor does (my son) tell tales on his friends. These boys draw a line under what they do and move on. We adults could learn a thing or two about that.
I am drawing a line. I do not wish you to take any action on (Ugly). I am merely making you aware of her vindictive streak towards my child.
She once told me to take (my son) out of the school because he was 'a liar'. I will not hesitate to move him if I have to but it would be a great shame for I fought hard to keep him there because he loves it so much.
I've cc'c (Ugly) because she needs to be made aware of the consequences of her actions. (My son) is mischievous sometimes, like most children, even her own.
He doesn't have a malicious bone in his body.
(Ugly), you owe (my son) an apology though I will not force you to do it.
(Head) if you wish to talk to me about this email you can but I've said what I have to say and I've no more to add. I hope I never have to email you again on such a subject.
Kind regards
Sue de Nim

I am shaking. Furious last night; one fag after another in chains. A meeting at school this morning where I felt I had no choice but to deal with her there, infront of everyone, but thank God (and I was wearing my 'Mary is my Homegirl t-shirt, a gift from a friend a decade ago) she wasn't there.
Still fuming when I came out of the meeting though, guy in coffee shop told me to email head.
I'm still fuming, in chains naturally.
Fucking supposed to be giving up fags tomorrow. I so don't want to. How am I going to flipping cope without them?
I must remember that non-smokers also go through shit like this
If you're a non smoker who has gone through shit like this who happens to be reading this post, please comment so I know I'm not fucking alone and that next week I can deal with any feckiing fall out.
No regrets, none, sending this email.
My son my sun I could scream

I may have to take a break from blogging, give me time to withdraw - from fags that is, not from life.

(You'll have to go to the beginning of the 'school' label if you want history. The post is entitled 'Playground Bullies)


Berry said...

I'm a non-smoker, happened to read this via some other page. School rules & weirdnesses make me seethe but I beat hell out of a lump of clay or bread dough where smokers would light up.

Stigmum said...

Good for you, much better beating the hell out of something rather than yourself. Fight and conquer I say,without Nicoteen holding you back!!