Saturday, 22 January 2011

Nico Teen and Expresso coffee

What a combination!

So good! So gooooooooooooood!

Popped out half an hour ago to get some more LavAzza Qualita Rossa for I'd run out!
Bought a medium pack of 'Old Virginia while I was there too! One more week! One more week stigs!
A small pack lasts me three days if I don't drink (same price as a pack of 10 Marlboro Red which lasts a day if that), a medium pack of baccy lasts me longer! One more week?!

Oh you're so bad 'Old Virginia! You don't give me the headaches and pukey feelings that ready rolled do and you're cheaper. You're still not good for me though are you??

One more week! This time next week I'll be huddled outside with a bunch of smoking strangers, puffing away, cos that's the easyway method!

Huddled outside, making light of our addiction, possibly saying 'fuck it's cold!' or 'long time coming this break!' Ah, just like the old times!

I wonder if I'll make any friends?! Exchange any emails?! Probably not! Who cares!!!

We're all there to stop!

Allen Carr's already taken me through the psychology, so one more week, one more week then it's all over stiggers, can you believe it?!

The Kinks are on the stereo singing away
Where are all the good times gone?

Where are all the good times gone stiggers?
They're on the way!

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