Tuesday, 25 January 2011

"Tawdry chapters" in a single mother's life

You can count on The Mail, you really can, to.. what's the word...what's the word..."sully"? Oh never mind, sully will have to do. You can count on The Mail to sully a story.

Just as I guessed, yesterday it took up the single mother and peer story. A (female) reporter added an article to the reconstructed Sunday Mirror one, about the single mother's past.

What got me was that it was a good article. Our campaigner of the story has a really interesting past, rich with experience.

So yes, a good article, but let down by its very last line: "Whatever her reasons for selling the story of their ensuing affair, it’s just another rather tawdry chapter in a life that once brimmed with promise." (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1349953/Lord-Strathclyde-affair-blonde-Birgit-Cunningham-I-feel-used-says-single-mum.html)

Tawdry? She, "tawdry" chapters? What about him?

Thanks to Google I see that it's just got worse. A male reporter this time, calls her a 'madwoman from the Green Party", a "dopey bird".
Lord Strathclyde the cheat? "He's a vintage chateau-bottled kind of chap."

He's met one and not the other, no surprise there.

Both he and a guy yesterday questioned why she waited seven years to sell her story.
Well I suspect she's not a kiss and tell kind of girl and a very damaging political policy in regards to the Child Support Agency, which she's been campaigning about for years, is on the verge of being legislated.

Never the issues is it? I do recall the slatings I got from people I didn't know who didn't know me when I wrote my Guardian article. They totally overlooked the point I was making.

What can you do ey, what can you do? How stigmatised that CSA campaigning stigmum...totally unsurprising.

I'll lay to rest this story for myself by saying the Mirror reported yesterday that David Cameron was standing by Lord Strathclyde, his aides insisting it's a "private matter" and the peer "would keep his position as Tory Leader of the Lords."

David family values, broken Britain, sanctity of marriage, tax breaks for couples, moral fibre of our country Cameron standing by his Tory adulterer.

The Conservatives truly are the Do As We Say Don't Do As We Do Party.

Balls to it all I say, finally the Condems have got some opposition...

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