Monday, 24 January 2011


Do not be afraid
Do not be afraid of smoking a few more days. If you hadn't picked up the book, you'd be smoking a few more years
Do not be afraid for your health
You think you've made it worse stopping?
It would be the same worse if you hadn't.
Do not be afraid that you won't cope without it.
You're lucky, you remember being 12, 13, 14 and how peer pressure had no effect on you.
You remember giving up for a year and coping - with the pressures of mediation with the Foca, you breathed oxygen through your first year masters exams, parents gossiping about you in the playground, walking out of therapy and just jumping on your bike.
It was just being with smokers and thinking one cheeky little drag would be harmless.
You've learnt that lesson.
Carr is there all the way to remind you, forever if you need him but you won't need him forever, just like you don't need Nico Teen.
Bad tasting, money robbing Nico Teen.
Do not be afraid of guilt
It wasn't your fault you started, Carr's told you so, over and over again.
It's a trap.
You got caught in it.
Now you're getting out.

(Taken from Notebook - 17th January)

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