Sunday, 30 January 2011

The Easyway clinic experience

Tell me this isn't bizarre.
You go to a stop smoking clinic chugging away on your fags as though your life has never depended on it more.
You have a major internal panic when you discover you are going to have your final cigarette earlier than you thought you would. Much earlier. Still in the building earlier.
You get cravings but you don't pop out to satisfy them while the therapist is talking about enjoyment and relaxation, even though you're allowed to, because it's all very interesting and she's very funny; an ex smoker who articulates your feelings with some of her own experiences.
The fag breaks are great, chatting to the other smokers having a laugh about smoking rooms here there everywhere.
The sessions are great, everyone gets asked to speak and share experiences. Tales and analogies are told, it's good fun.
Three quarters of the way through the day (which is flying by somehow) an Irish woman tells you she's still really sceptical and you're like "yeah, me too. Casual smokers are like casual drinkers aren't they? Why can't we be one?" You drag on that fag of yours wondering how the fuck you're going to stop. Yeah, it tastes a bit shit but if you don't think about it.....
After that conversation, it's back to the room and with the little time left, the therapist wants to chat about the trap you're in, that everyone around you is in.
You might be feeling abit tired at this point, especially if you went out the night before and didn't sleep well when you got home.
What? Time for your last cigarette. Already?!
Your last cigarette and it is your last.
Out it goes
How easy was that?!

Later you are standing outside Kings Cross Station, among loads of smokers, just a few hours have passed since you were chain smoking and now you don't want one, there's no desire for one. Your friend is half an hour late and usually you'd be pissed off battening down the frustration with your fags, like you did two nights ago, your fury in chains.
You don't care!
Your friend arrives and you can't stop smiling

Mindblowing upon reflection!
Totally, utterly mindblowing!
Everyone should experience this!

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