Friday, 28 January 2011

The gender of smoking

Two great pictures on each packet.
JPS - the child looks uncannily like mine
"Protect children: don't let them breathe your smoke"
Golden Virginia - sperm wriggling about
"Smoking damages the sperm and decreases fertility"

The 'male' packet telling the mother not to smoke
The 'female' packet telling the son not to when he's older

Lovely, as signs go

(Taken from Notebook - Tuesday 18th January)

Chugged back my 12g pack of 'Old Virgina yesterday (the 25g one mysteriously vanished the day I saw a horse drawn funeral cortege - scary sign I blocked from my mind - two days ago) Both those packs had 'my child' on them.
This morning, buying another 25g pack so I can happily chain today and take it along to the clinic tomorrow, the back of the pack says 'Choose Freedom'
Choose freedom
Choose freedom
I'm in no mood but I must

Read the signs
Yes stiggers, tomorrow ok?

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