Monday, 31 January 2011

Harmful beautiful flowers

The Poppy killed 1000 heroin addicts in the UK last year.
The Nicotiana killed 100,000 nicoteen addicts. (Allen Carr Clinic)

Stress is straining against my ribcage this morning, as it might do someone who's at work or someone who's got an appointment.

I'm thinking if there was Deadly Nightshade tea, would I drink it? Would you?

Tobacco Companies in the US alarmed at the drop in cigarette sales. have developed smokeless tobacco gum. Found an article on google last night, just in by the reporter, but can't find it now for you.

Mint and fruit flavour gum!

My son loves gum, he's always asking me for it, I'm always saying no.

I might start saying yes so I can teach him the difference between brands if I need to...

Here, have this:

Tips for quitting aren't the methods I used, they are the methods currently used now in the NHS. You know, using nicoteen to fight nicoteen, not psychology and truth to whack it on the head! However that article is 2008 and things can change!!

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