Saturday, 22 January 2011

A room of one's own...

It's amazing, it's so amazing having my own room, my son having his own room. It's so amazing having our own rooms and a living room!

I can entertain in the living room, my friends, the social worker, housing officer, housing support worker (just once since I've been here).

I can entertain in the living room and it's not my bedroom, it's not my space, all mine, it's everyone's.

My bedroom is my sanctuary. No tv in there, no stereo, it's so quiet, so peaceful, a sanctuary only my son ever disturbs and I love him so much he's welcome there.

A room of one's own. A room separate from the living room. A space away from the movements of my daily life. Something so many people take for granted.

I don't. Never, ever. I can't even envy married people! I have my little flat mate!

I love it and know just how lucky I am.

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