Tuesday, 25 January 2011

"You've got a story there"

Long time no see the manager of the coffee shop I frequent now and then. Good to see him this morning!

He asked me the latest on my housing so I told him.

"You've got a story there," he said. "Maybe you should go the other way you know, take it to the papers."
"Funny you should say that. Only the other day I texted a friend and said I was thinking of going to the Mirror but not without his advice first, then Sunday they published an explosive story about a single mother and a peer and mine would just, well, pale compared to that. Housing is just not as interesting as sex!" (Don't take it personally Clegg, but I do not so much as dream of shagging you, nor you me I'd wager...)
"Well you should definitely write about it."
"I did. It had no effect."
"Write a book, I'm sure people would be interested." (ha ha 10 followers!)
"A book?! I don't have the talent for that!"
"Get a ghostwriter then."
"That's what my dad said."


Anonymous said...

Go for it! Why not? You write well.

Stigmum said...

A book? I can't write a book! It needs structure, it needs narrative, it needs a beginning, middle and an end! I see now end....
A subject like housing is so dry it would need humour too and ahem, less said about my ability with that the better!
I'm a diary writer. I guess those have been made into books but with only few followers, well...
Thanks for your comment! Thanks for your compliment! Writing into the void like this it's so hard to judge and I am my own worst critic!May you have a good day!

Stigmum said...

Whoops, that was supposed to be 'no end' but on a waning moon, 'now end' sounds pretty hopeful!