Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Nico Teen and Sex

A long time ago, crikey, the last millenium, a friend said to me:
"Do you smoke after sex?"
"Yeah! Do you?!"
"I've never noticed!"
"Oh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

The joke always fell flat when I tried it.
"Do you smoke after sex?!"
"Damn, there's a joke..."

Oh Jo, I know I said "No, no, NO!" as your eyebrow raised higher and higher when I told you Luke was coming to stay. "That's three no's," you said.

Annie and Issy, I know I told you that there'd be no way! It's over! It is!

It was funny the following morning, you know, our sunday communion (ho ho). "Where? Where?!" we laughed like a couple of teenagers, my son on his computer, oblivious to it all, thank goodness.

Afterwards, with Nico Teen, out on the balcony, he was leaving in a couple of hours.

"When you next visit," I said, stalling. "When you next visit or I visit you, we've got to be the friends we were when you arrived yesterday."
"Yeah, we'll always be friends, you know that."
"I don't think.." I saw our future there, played out before me.. "No, I can't, I can't do this, it wouldn't be fair on myself."
"No," he replied. "It wouldn't be fair on you. It wouldn't be fair on me either. We've been here before."

A big draw on Nico Teen, the two of us. Hit me where I'm hurting, hit me hit me hit meeeeeee.

He's not been in touch nor me with him. It means he's feeling the way I do.
Time, distance, silence - great healers.

But you've got a purpose haven't you stiggers. You've always got a purpose....

Carr makes a small reference to post coital smoking triggers in his book. Didn't think I could comment, but I can!

A cigarette isn't always as good as the sex that precedes it!

The knowledge that comes with awareness ey....

C'mon Nico Teen, grateful I've got you for a few more days.

What's to miss ey, what's to miss...

Draw a line, move on, don't look back....

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