Monday, 24 January 2011

The Tory Peer and the Single Mother

Brave, brave woman!

In yesterday's Sunday Mirror, a single mother lifted the lid on her seven year on-off affair with the married Leader of the House of Lords because time and time again she's appealed to him for help, on behalf of countless mothers, that the CSA be amended.
The article in the Mirror a few weekends ago saying we'd be charged to use the service enraged her like it did me. It prompted her to speak and not just for herself.

Brilliant. Brilliant.

We, lone parents, have the Tory line shoved down our throats. "Family values," "the sanctity of marriage," "Tax breaks for married couples." Their favourite: "Broken Britain"
Lord Strathclyde himself quoted as saying, when in opposition to the Labour Party: "Where in this programme is the desperately needed action to bind families and rebuild our broken society?"
The bare faced hypocrisy of the man. The bare faced hypocrisy of the whole party.
It really is, the "Do as we say don't do as we do" party

This multi millionaire complained to her about his ministerial salary, saying it was "just" £134,000 a year.
Why don't you volunteer? Article about the closure of libraries in yesterday's paper too, the Tories saying 'volunteers' can keep our libraries going.
An article about how as part of Cameron's NHS reforms, hospitals are axing free anti-natal classes to save money. Alright for them, Mrs C no doubt went private.

I thought of seeing if the story was in another paper yesterday but quickly realised, no! No, it's the most amazing scoop!

This single mother would'n't have done this soley for the money, maybe not for the money at all but I hope you paid her well!

Oh to have her courage! To out a peer and shame a Party! This story I found interesting!

Here's the link if you missed it (which will be reproduced in a good many other papers this morning I should imagine. I wish her the very best of luck!)

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