Sunday, 30 January 2011

The final cigarette

After we finished our final cigarettes, we came back into the room and sat down on our reclining chairs. We were each asked in turn how we felt. There were a range of feelings; Excited, anxious, no different, relieved, scared, optimistic, it was hugely comforting to hear as everyone was answered on what they said.
It got to me and and and my heart was beating loud!
"I feel a little disbelief," I laughed, my thumb and index finger demonstrating just how little even though it was really alot. "I'm really excited about tomorrow!" and our therapist smiled "and and I really liked your analogy of the fly stuck in the pitcher plant!"
"Grab hold of any of the ideas that work for you," she said, she did say that, yes.
Then we did this hypnosis, and I've never been hypnotised so fortunately at the start of the class, we were told it was more a relaxation session, or that's how she saw it anyway.
Holy comoly! We were told to imagine ourselves in a garden and who I saw on a lawn of the brightest green, was me laughing as I held my son's hand who was skipping and laughing alongside me!
I felt my chest supressing giggles!
It was flipping wild, I've been skipping ever since
~ walking back to happiness oh la oh la la la! (Helen Shapiro)

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