Monday, 31 January 2011

Ooh! Support Text

Just finished posting text below and I get a text saying:
1 Day -
Congratulations on stopping smoking!
Hope u're feeling good
& enjoying life as a happy non-smoker
Any problems please don't hesitate to call

And there's a number. Our therapist gave us her card aswell.

Was going to text back and say 'yeah! Feeling great!' because I am

I do need to go for a walk though

I was abit late into the playground this morning, but I did not see Ugly. I do not like confrontation but I was going to ask her if she'd got my email, then tell her to leave my son alone.
I've heard nothing back from my email on Friday from anyone, not Head, Ugly, or even the Foca, (who I'd texted and asked to call me... I got through that on my own! Well, with Nico Teen too)

I don't need a cigarette now but it is quite something to know that I am coping without it!

I'm glad I have the number though. When your mind gets blown away so fantastically like that, it's a little unsettling!!

Be good to ask: Is it ok to be this happy??!

Why am I so fecking afraid of myself? I've got big dreams see...!

I'm not the only one... I watched Black Swan the other night, brilliant. The conflict existing within each of us, to lesser or greater degrees.

I'll leave it there....!

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